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4Players Pinochle Website Registration

Welcome to the 4Players Pinochle Website TD Registration Page.

This registration page is for those TDs that have applied for and been granted TD status for the Case's Ladder 4Players Pinochle League. You must have already recieved your Case's Ladder username and TD Password. This is not a Case's Ladder sign up but a registration to gain access to the 4playerpinochle.com td page.

By clicking the "I agree" button below you agree to provide this website with all the required information truthfully! Any false or misleading information will be grounds for account termination. You also agree to abide by any and all rules of Case's Ladder, 4Players Pinochle, and www.4playerspinochle.com.

Once registered you the Head Admin or Head Admin Assistant must approve you. You will be notified when you are approved.

All information given to this site shall remain private and never given to a third party for any reason whatsoever. Only the webmaster, Head Admin and the Head Admin Assistants will have access to this information.

We ask for your Case's Ladder Username and TD password as a convenience for you. This information is not required, but used so you will not have to enter you username and password everytime you need it from the www.4playerspinochle.com. This information is encrypted no-one will have any access to your Case's Ladder TD password if you choose to share it with us.